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@makeuprevolution Thirty shades of matte, glimmer and sheen combine in one golden palette for an every-which-way smokey eye. It does not have bright colours like reds and pinks and corals. It is a mix of baked, metallic and some transition shades. There are more blues, greens and deep purples. All of these colours are extremely buildable & pigmented. Pros : * Perfect set of deep colors to create smokey eye look. * Buildable and pigmented * Mix of baked, metallic and mattes * Good transition shades

Cons : Nothing that I can think of !

Do let me know if you have created some smokey look using this palette. #makeuprevolution #makeuplover💄#fortunefavoursthebravepalette#eyemakeup #smokeyeye#eyeshadow #beautifulpalette

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